I would first like to say what a pleasure it was to stay at the Warrior Retreat at Bull Run this past weekend with my Service Dog and a close friend. I really appreciate the hospitality, generosity, and efforts of the SOWW team and all of their volunteers. It's really nice to be able to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and be able to enjoy complete relaxation with people you care about. As a Wounded Warrior myself and also a volunteer with SOWW, it was my pleasure to test out the facility to ensure that everything was running smoothly. I am so grateful that I met Shirley and her husband John that put this whole idea into place. This retreat will serve as a place of recovery and healing for years to come.

-Dylan Arthur, USMC Retired



The Warrior Retreat at Bull Run is a quiet sanctuary that has something to offer for people of all ages. This place offers the opportunity to connect with friends and family, while having all of the amenities you could ask for; it takes you away from the trivial reality we all live in. Having only spent one day there I left feeling refreshed, ready to take on the new day, and appreciative of the time spent there with my close friends. It is a welcome change of pace from the conventional outlets I've experienced with the VA. Thank you to everyone who put this house together; whether your time, money, or goods were donated it was well spent!

-Michael McTavish, USMC veteran



Warrior Retreat at Bull Run is a place I would recommend visiting over and over again. It's easy to get caught up in hustle and bustle of ones daily life without a sanctuary in which one can get away. This is that place. Warrior Retreat at Bull Run invites you into a tranquil environment to which you can really focus on the important things in life with a facility that is nothing short of amazing and versatile for everyone.

-Michael Vi



The Warrior Retreat at Bull Run is a great place to get away from everything but also a great location to still enjoy everything. I had a good time there and am very happy to have had the opportunity to go. The house has enough space for any size family! Thank you SOWW.

-Fernando Avila, USMC veteran



My experience with SOWW was incredible. The grounds and the residence were gorgeous and accommodating. The volunteers within the organization were very concerned with our comfort and well-being during our stay and have a real concern about what is needed to make it as relaxing as possible. It's nice to have something so serene near this area!

-Jay Amra, USMC veteran



The Warrior Retreat at Bull Run is nothing short of a much-needed refresher for any veteran. Whether it’s taking time to appreciate the little things or reconnecting with friends or family, SOWW has all angles covered with the Warrior Retreat at Bull Run. They say, “home is where heart is” and you can feel the heart so many people have given to truly make it a great cause!

-Faris Amra, USMC veteran



The Warrior Retreat at Bull Run is an awesome place. You’ve done a phenomenal job. The love and support we got from all the staff was above and beyond our expectations. The week we stayed gave our family a chance to be one with one another. The activities were perfect. Our kids loved running around the field. The House of Bounce was a great activity for a nasty rainy day. The fishing trip was an amazing experience. Col Bud is kindness, his generosity, and his wisdom will follow Chad forever. The space gave us the ability to be alone. The memories will follow us forever. We appreciate everything everyone did for us. To think that the community would do so much to make this happen for us means so much. More than words can say. We are so grateful and thankful.

-The Osinga family