Campbell Family

November 17, 2016

Our Recent Guest

MSGT Campbell and her family stayed at the Retreat this past weekend as they transitioned from her treatment at Walter Reed to living in Texas . Her husband wrote, “Words cannot express our thanks and gratitude for what you have done for my family and for me personally. As head of our household being a protector of my most prized treasures, my wife and children are a top priority in my life, second only to God’s will. I was relieved at your generosity because you allowed me to drop my worries and anxieties about my wife and children being temporarily homeless by sponsoring us. My wife, Chyrece, did not have a retirement party with her unit. Her command had all but forgotten about her. SOWW made it possible for Chyrece to have a retirement party at the Warrior Retreat at Bull Run. She was surrounded and encouraged by family, sincere friends, and well-wishing/dedicated/caring staff from SOWW. We love them all so dearly for what they’ve done for our family.

You can hear their story here